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World’s best growth rates – with Plantaflor!

There are many reasons to trust us. We know our product range and quality requirements down to the finest detail – but especially the different needs of our customers. For this reason, we not only supply high-quality potting soils, substrates and peat. We also provide individual solutions, leading to success all over the world.

High-class raw materials

Plantaflor knows its stuff when it comes to the quality demands on good potting soil and professional substrate. As a traditional sales organisation for 20 peat and substrate ...

Individual solutions

All over the world, our customers trust the professional solutions of Plantaflor. To be able to offer these solutions, individual and professional advice, short channels ...

Perfect logistics

Plantaflor sees the future in the development of new, growable foreign markets. For these we don´t care to go far. Because lots of our customers come from Europe ...

Personal closeness

With our personal and competent specialist counselling, we aim to build up trust with our customers, creating a stable basis for successful collaboration. This is why ...


The Plantaflor propagation substrates are approved mixtures, which are used globally in seedling companies. They are made from high-quality, finely-sieved peats ...


Plantaflor substrates for potting are approved mixtures, used all over the world in ornamental plant nurseries and tree nurseries. They are made from high-quality ...


Plantaflor peats for gardening and landscaping form the basis for creating parks, sporting facilities and for the pre-mixing of substrates with your own additives.

Home & Garden

Plantaflor products for home and garden include a wide range of soils and peat for the amateur garden. Whether azaleas and cyclamen, ficus trees or roses ...

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