Our raw materials will ensure your crops are a success.

Plantaflor knows its stuff when it comes to the quality demands on good potting soil and professional substrate. As a traditional sales organisation for 20 peat and substrate factories in Germany and the Baltic States, we offer our customers a diverse range of products that we are continually developing and expanding. Thanks to intensive cooperation with research institutes, Plantaflor has an extensive range of the best raw materials today, which satisfy any demand. Unrefined peat, a variety of potting soils and substrates for professional gardening are processed with latest technical procedures to offer our customers the highest quality.

During the production and further refinement of our raw materials, we attach major significance to the latest technical procedures in order to ensure a high quality of substrate at all times. Plantaflor production sites have a wide range of raw materials, as well as many years of competence in the production and preparation of raw materials for different demands.

There are many reasons to rely on peat.

Peat, as a raw material, still forms the main component of Plantaflor products. The most important properties of peat are its high water and air retention capacities as well as the consistent chemical properties. The peats we use are taken from land that has been previously used for agricultural purposes, which are then rewetted after the peat extraction and available for nature conservation.

There are two types of peat – white and black peat. White peat is light-brown, is acquired from the top layers of the peat bog and is fantastically suited to produce light, airy substrates. Black peat originates from the deeper layers, is darker and more decomposed than white peat. Black peat guarantees a higher water-holding capacity.

Depending on requirements, the peats are mixed with mineral and organic additives, such as perlite, clay and other additives:

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