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Renewable resources

We are taking responsibility and are thinking about tomorrow.

Peat extraction in Lower Saxony already enjoys a tradition dating back centuries. However, a number of peat companies are today contributing to ensure that Lower Saxony plays a leading international role in the re-wetting/redevelopment process of bogs. So does Plantaflor. This means that economic and reliable production of a variety of crops with their different demands on substrates must be guaranteed so that market gardening and horticulture have a chance of survival in the long term.

But the responsibility for our nature must not take a backseat. Thinking about tomorrow today and acting so that the future generations will grow up in a healthy environment; that is needed to live on a day-to-day basis. As a traditional company with high values, it is important to us to create and guarantee workplaces as well as keeping in mind ecological and social aspects. This is why we believe in sustainability and act accordingly.

There is often criticism when it comes to peat. But the reuse of peat extraction has been legally stipulated in the mining permit for years. This was admittedly not always the case. The remaining peat-layer starts is swelling like a sponge due to the high water level and provides a suitable habitat for, sphagnum, cotton grass and other high bog-typical plants. Due to this, new bogs can start to develop again step by step.

The German peat and soil industry extracts peat from less than 10% of the German peat bogs. Peat extraction is only carried out at degenerated sites. Intact bogs in Germany are protected and remain unaffected by peat extraction.

More than 13,000 hectares of former peat extraction sites are currently in the recultivation stage. In the year 2040, 27,000 hectares are expected. By doing this, the German peat industry is playing an important role in the redevelopment of typical bog habitats. These habitats are becoming everlasting nature conservancy landscapes.

The primary objective of peat extraction companies for reuse after peat extraction is the regeneration of peat bogs. For land, on which no waterlogging is possible, other natural developments are provided.

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